Pilates Benefits

Pilates is an exercise technique geared towards body balance through stretching and strengthening it. It focuses mainly on the central postural muscles which helps maintain the body to balance and are significant for providing the spine support.

Pilates exercises specifically instill neutral alignment awareness of your spine as well as it strengthens the postural muscles supporting this alignment, to help prevent or alleviate back pain.

With focused patterns of breathing along with systematic execution of exercises, Pilates has proved helpful not only because it is a great fitness work by itself, but as a significant “add-on” to physical rehabilitation and “professional sports training” as well.

Pilates is highly recommended by chiropractors (chiropractic profession) for spine and back strengthening. After a period of consecutive Pilate’s workouts, one experiences increased mobility to joints, thinner thighs and waist, flatter stomach, and improved blood circulation.

Pilates is an excellent whole body workout improving your body and at the same time your mind. Because Pilates exercises are gentle, not involving many bouncing around, it is also recommended to:

  • People seeking rehabilitation by way of physical therapy
  • Overweight individuals and the elderly since no lifting or jumping is involved
  • Individuals suffering from arthritis because it helps reduce muscle stiffness.
    Individuals with poor posture
  • Women who have just given birth and want to regain their body shape as it provides notable results in the stomach

The Pilates principles:

  • Involves the mind to focus and concentrate to improve muscle control and movement efficiency
  • Develops awareness of proper posture or neutral spine alignment during the exercises
  • Develops deep muscles to support good posture
  • Use breathing techniques to promote mental centering and focus
  • Creating muscle strength, length and flexibility

The Pilates benefits:

  • Condition effective movement patterns to make your body less likely to have injury
  • Reduce stress, boost energy level and relieves tension by way of deep stretching
  • Reestablish postural alignment
  • Create a more flexible and stronger spine
  • Promote fast recovery from injury or strain
  • Improve circulation
  • Intensify neuromuscular coordination
  • Alleviates joint stress and back pains
  • Enhance agility, stamina and mobility
  • Complements any sports training program
  • Improve how your body feels and looks

How to get the best results from your Pilates workout

  • Remain focused. Pilates is aimed towards combining your breathing sequence with your “body movements”. To unite your body and mind in order to succeed in relieving anxiety and stress is the aim of Pilates.
  • Be comfortable. Pilates is performed without shoes; wear comfortable clothing. Should you begin to feel strained, or feel pain or feel uncomfortable, stop.
  • Let it every movement flow. Avoid jerky, quick movements specially when transferring from one position to the other. Every movement and position should take place slowly yet strong and flexible.
  • Don’t forget your heart. With Pilates, you can, with fluidity in mind, also work on the exercises at a faster rate so your “heart rate” gets going. Or combine your Pilates exercise with a cardiovascular exercise such as brisk walking or swimming.

A Pilates workout is something that can be undertaken by just about anyone, so why not give it a try?



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