Stott Pilates SPX Home Reformer Package Review

Home Pilates equipment that is crafted and engineered to perform equally as good as professional ones are like jewels to fitness enthusiasts. At Merrithew Health & Fitness™, the people responsible for Stott Pilates® products, only the highest quality components are selected to produce home equipment for maximum performance and results.

That is why, when Stott Pilates® offers a way to exercise at home with a fully loaded package like the SPX Home Reformer Package, there are no excuses for not working out away from the Pilates studio.

Product Description

Firstly, the SPX Home Reformer is commercial quality equipment and the package includes multiple accessories for added variety to suit all levels, abilities and body shapes. It is made of aluminium rails, wooden standing platform, and black upholstery. Minimal assembly of the reformer is required.

Product Features

The SPX Home Reformer Package includes:

  • SPX reformer
  • Reformer box with foot strap
  • Padded platform extender
  • Weighted metal roll-up pole
  • Double loop straps
  • 2 workout DVDs
  • Easy-start poster guide and owner’s manual

The SPX Reformer features:

  • Durable vinyl upholstery with dense EVA foam for maximum comfort
  • Sleek C-channel aluminium rails with patented rolling mechanism for smooth, whisper-quiet, friction-free glide
  • 3 gearbox positions
  • 6 carriage stopping positions
  • 3 headrest position
  • 4 footbar positions
  • 4 full-tension and 1 half-tension spring resistance
  • Pommel-style shoulder rests
  • 3-position gearbar slots
  • Easy-roll wheels for fuss-free repositioning and transport
  • New comfort footbar easier on feet and hands
  • Dimensions: 97” Length x 22” Width
  • Carriage dimensions: 38.5” Length x 22” Width
  • Accommodates heights up to 6’4” and weights up to 250 lbs

The DVDs offer more than 90 minutes of detailed instructions and studio-quality workout. The titles included in the bundle are:

  • At Home Reformer Workout DVD with safety bonus feature
  • Essential Reformer 3rd Edition DVD

The warranty terms for the SPX Reformer for home-use are:

  • Limited lifetime on aluminium rails, components of the frame and related welding, standard gearbar, and footbar mechanisms (excluding rubber)
  • 1 year on ropes, straps, spring clips, plastic pulley bar receptacle sleeves, comfortable footbar, spring covers, and plastic spring holders
  • 2 years on all other components

What Customers Are Saying

The majority of customers gave the SPX Home Reformer Package a rating of 5 out of 5 stars; some gave 4 stars, and there were no ratings less than that at the time this review was written. No one was disappointed with the exceptional quality and construction of this well-made reformer. One customer described:

“This reformer is built like a tank. It is evenly balanced and very stable…lesser expensive models are not very stable and tend to move/shift while you exercise…”

There have been so many impressed customers with the SPX Reformer Package, with all finding it no less than perfect for in-home use. As for the DVDs:

“The DVDs give such expert instruction, and they are perfect to keep me focused during my at-home workout.”

It is hard to find any complaints on the SPX Reformer, especially when bundled with other quality accessories. The only thing is that the reformer is lower than the commercial version, which can be expected with home-use equipment.


The quality in Stott Pilates equipment is evident and with never-ending rave reviews for the SPX Home Reformer Package, purchasing this fully loaded bundle will be the best gift to give yourself. If you can afford it, this unbeatable deal is highly recommended.

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