Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

Weider is well-known for making quality fitness, cardio and weight training products, and the Weider Ultimate Body Works total body workout system is another great example of that quality. With a mid-level price tag and extreme versatility, fast and simple storage and support for over 100 body shaping exercises, let us jump on board the Weider Ultimate Body Works total fitness machine and see just what it delivers.

Key Features of the Weider Ultimate Body Works

  • One hand roll-away space-saving design minimizes storage footprint
  • Adjustable incline bench with pulleys to increase weight resistance
  • Special cable and pulley system delivers greater versatility and range of motion
  • Folding design comes with 90 day parts and labor warranty

Is the Weider Ultimate Body Works A Good Buy?

For those looking for a true total body workout, this incline bench piece of fitness equipment with cable and pulley versatility can literally deliver an endless number of exercises. This upper and lower body workout platform can be used to strengthen muscle, add muscle mass and bulk, improve flexibility and burn fat.

We don’t all have┬áthe time, money or desire to join a gym and folding storage means that just about everyone can use and store this home-based workout bench system.

A nice improvement over previous models is the wheeled feature that makes removal to a storage area extremely easy. Multiple positions are offered, with simple adjustment through the help of pulleys located on both sides of the bench.

This allows you to decrease or increase the weight resistance quickly, and overall the product is well-built and sturdy. Resistance bands are included, and these allow you to increase weight resistance easily and efficiently without the need for traditional heavy, bulky free weight plates.

In addition to the total body workout bench and pulley system, you receive an exercise chart and workout guide, which has been designed for all levels of fitness. Also, the mid-level price tag compares favorably to comparable items with fewer features and lesser functionality.

Out-of-the-box the machine is nearly completely assembled, though you will have to attach three bolts and a couple of pins.

As an easy-to-store piece of home equipment, the Weider Ultimate Body Works total body workout system keeps you from having to buy an expensive gym or health club membership. It makes a smart buy for the home or office of anyone that wants instant access to a wide variety of exercises that targets every area of your body.


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