Your Toned Pliates Body

Pilates is the perfect exercise regime to follow as it can help shape and tone your body. This is because a key component of Pilates is muscle control. Joseph Pilates felt that the way an exercise is performed is more important than the actual exercise. So performing controlled exercises less often is far more beneficial than more repetitions without control.

At the heart of Pilates is the focus on the “Powerhouse” or center. The center is comprised of the upper and lower back, abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks. Each exercise undertaken in Pilates is designed so that movement flows from the center outwards to the limbs. The movements must be controlled and precise so that the mind and body are connected and both involved. The use of controlled and precise movements ensures that muscles are worked and the body aligned. A more toned and defined body shape will be the result.
Resistance training is a well-known method of exercise to help tone muscles. Pilates includes resistance training in both its traditional and more modern formats. In fact Pilates is the perfect body-conditioning programme.

Surprisingly, equipment is not essential for you to strengthen your body. Instead you can create resistance through the use of your own body weight. The more effort that you put into your exercises the more effective they will be. However, Pilates equipment does exist and the right gear can help your efforts.

Pilates apparatus uses springs to help introduce resistance into the routine. The equipment is large and generally only available in Pilates studios and gyms. Qualified Pilates practitioners often have the equipment available to use with their clients, generally on a one-to-one basis. However, if the larger Pilates equipment is not available a simple resistance band may be used if you prefer to use equipment in your workout.

Due to the fact that Pilates focuses on the center and develops control of both mind and body through deliberately controlled movements it has great success in shaping and toning the body. Improved posture, strengthened core and improved alignment help to ensure that the full effects of the Pilates regime are visible. Following a regular exercise routine using Pilates’ methods will ensure that you can develop a leaner, more defined and shapely body.



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