Pilates Arc Review

The Pilates Arc® falls into the group of smaller Pilates apparatuses. It can be used on its own or together with the reformer for added support or intensity. More commonly known as the Pilates ladder barrel or step barrel, it is ideal for stretching, strengthening and flexibility exercises.

Pilates Arc® is a product of Balanced Body who are in their fifth decade as leading Pilates educators. Unusually, Pilates Arc® was designed by a furniture architect, Ken Endelman. He made hundreds of improvements to original Pilates equipment, making them more refined, safer, and user-friendly.

Product Description

Asymmetrical in shape, with a gentle curve on one side and steeper curve on the other, the Pilates Arc® is extremely versatile for use on different exercises and body types. Unlike other arcs, this exercise Arc is lightweight, durable and economical.

Product Feature

At first sight, the Pilates Arc® just looks like an odd foamy thing with smooth curves. Compared to the traditional step barrel it doesn’t appear as sturdy or solid. Until you actually try it for yourself, you won’t understand how this little number can be so much fun.

Its design allows it to be flipped over and used curved side down. It also perfectly fits over the shoulder pads on many reformers, giving more variations on reformer exercises, providing added back support and stability; especially useful during pregnancy.

The Pilates Arc® has more other worthy features:

  • Made of durable high-density foam in black and smooth surface
  • Detachable step
  • 100% recyclable
  • Lightweight at just 3.75 lbs (1.7kg)
  • Free instructional booklet and 23-minute workout DVD
  • Measures 38”long x 10.5”high x 15.5”wide

What Customers Are Saying

“Definitely a great piece of lightweight Pilates equipment for a home studio.”

“The fact that it can be taken apart easily to use for different challenges makes it quite useful.”

“This product is lighter weight than wood and leather design and is easier to stow and move around. I really cannot see drawbacks of the design…”

First of all, users loved that it was light enough to pick up with one hand. All were surprised at how well-made the Pilates Arc® is. Although it’s made of high density foam, it is an extremely sturdy product. Those who preferred a gentler spine extension appreciated the detachable step. The ribbed design at the bottom meant that users enjoyed the ability to hold securely onto the arc when used flipped over. It also made it easy to slip it on to the shoulder rest of a reformer.

The only complaint about the Pilates Arc® is the included DVD. One user thought that 23 minutes was not long enough for a beginner user to understand how to fully utilise the arc. It could have been a bit more comprehensive.


Pilates Arc® is very portable, versatile and economical. Used with mat exercises and to complement the reformer, Pilates trainers and followers alike will definitely find this curvy black object valuable both in the studio or at home. Prior training on how to use the arc at a Pilates studio will be helpful for first-time users.

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