Stamina AeroPilates Home Studio

If you are too busy for exercise and can’t squeeze in the time needed to commute to and from the gym, then try the Stamina AeroPilates Home Studio. Why pay for a gym session when you can have a good workout from home? All you need is the right equipment and you can get a total body workout from home.

The Stamina AeroPilates Home Studio is one of those rare workout machines that allow you to do many different exercises to work different areas of your body. This reformer allows you to do over 30 different exercises to shape and tone your entire body.

Product Description

The Stamina AeroPilates Home Studio offers you an intense yet low impact cardio workout with the addition of a free-form rebounder and four resistance cords with adjustable intensity. It is completely portable as it comes on wheels and it’s also foldable. The reformer comes with a 3 years frame and a 90 day parts warranty.

Product Features

This AeroPilates Home Studio is one of the more attractive reformers in the market, with black frame and light wood accents. It also comes with not one, not two, but three workout DVDs. Other distinctive features are:

  • Patented free-form cardio rebounder that is 2” higher than standard
  • Four resistance cords
  • Wood side trim and end caps
  • Comfortable padded carriage
  • Comfortable shoulder pads
  • Padded and adjustable head rest
  • Side clips for fast and easy rope length adjustments
  • Wider curved footbar
  • Moulded hand grips for comfort
  • AeroPilates Introduction to AeroPilates DVD
  • AeroPilates Pure Pilates Level One Workout DVD
  • AeroPilates Simply Cardio Level One Workout DVD
  • Lighter Living Weight Management System
  • Full colour workout wall chart
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Suitable for heights from 4’11” to 6’5”
  • Dimensions of 87” x 20.5” x 26”
  • Wheels for portability
  • Foldable for easy storage


What Customers Are Saying

“The wooden details are more attractive in person…The powder coating on the carriage makes the glide really smooth. The trampoline is of great quality. The cushion seat is 20” wide which makes it feel more stable and comfortable than other reformers.”

“Sturdy, smooth action, visually attractive, ample size, provides a great Pilates workout…”

Customer reviews for the AeroPilates Home Studio speak for themselves. It is a machine users thought will last a long time. They pointed out how well-made, sturdy, good-looking, and easy to assemble the unit is. Space-wise, customers reported that indeed it doesn’t take up too much room.

The only drawback is that although it is foldable and on wheels, it is a tad cumbersome to wheel it around, especially if you need to do it after each use.


Most people find that the AeroPilates Home Studio is a good product with great value. For those who cannot afford thousands of dollars for higher end models, this compact number is just as effective. All in all, this reformer is highly recommended for those that want to get a good Pilates workout from home.

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