Why to Take Up Pilates

Pilates is a holistic method of exercise created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century. He felt that the mind and body are connected and that an exercise regime should include both for it to be effective. It is now a popular fitness regime used around the world. The following reasons will show you why you should take up Pilates.

  • Pilates is Suitable for All Fitness Levels
    Unlike many other exercise and fitness programmes where it is assumed that you are already fairly fit, Pilates is suitable for even the most unfit. Joseph Pilates developed his programme in the expectation that it would be used by people of all fitness levels. He also used his Pilates with injured soldiers during their rehabilitation period with success. Pilates is easily adaptable and the workouts can be tailored to accommodate a range of needs. As fitness and health levels improve the workouts can be changed to ensure that the challenge and benefits are always high.So whether you are young or old, fit or unfit, healthy or unhealthy there is a Pilates workout suitable for you! Of course, if you have any health issues or worries then you should speak to your health practitioner first before taking up any new fitness programme.
  • It is a Whole Body Fitness Regime
    Pilates is a whole body fitness regime that ensures that no part of the body is neglected. There are many exercise regimes that can be undertaken but many tend to focus on specific areas and not the entire body. At its heart is a focus on core strength. However, through the exercises the entire body is worked upon. Strength, flexibility, alignment and range of motion are all important and worked upon.If you want a workout that will help you improve your posture, flatten your stomach, help tone muscles and increase your range of motion then Pilates is perfect for you.
  • It Develops Core Strength
    The core or ‘Powerhouse’ as it is often known are the muscles in the upper and lower back, abdomen, hips, thighs and the buttocks. These muscles are important because they support the back and help posture. They are at the center of the body and a robust core ensures that the entire body is braced efficiently. The fact that the body’s frame is effectively supported and moving easily will ensure that the neck and shoulders are able to relax. The body will be able to move freely and efficiently. Should you want to increase your flexibility, ease tension and stiffness as well as ensure that your posture is improved Pilates the Pilates is ideal as a workout regime for you.
  • It Improves Coordination
    By having a strong focus on control over movement, over time you become more aware of your body’s movements. Fluidity of movement is also crucial to the exercises and this will also provide greater awareness of the body and how it moves. Awareness of the body and its movements will ensure that coordination will improve.Pilates is ideal for you if you would like to improve your coordination and control of your body.
  • Pilates is Holistic
    Designed by Joseph Pilates as a workout for the mind and body, Pilates is a holistic exercise regime. Instead of expecting you to undertake quick repetitions with little thought, Pilates is designed to focus on the quality of the movement. Focus and control are key tenets of the program and this is applied to the mind as well as the body through the use of concentration and control during the routines.

If you want an exercise programme that will help develop your mind and body, Pilates is perfect for you.



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